How it all started …

… on the north German coast.

Our story began with the founding of EuroImpex GmbH in 2005 as a food wholesaler in Flensburg. Four years later, in 2009, the company Retail & Travel Partners GmbH was added. Both initially acted independently of each other until they were merged under Retail & Travel Partners GmbH in 2019. Since our beginnings, we have successfully established ourselves as a partner for the German beverage wholesale trade, the food retail trade and for numerous international trading companies and can access a network that has grown over a long time.

Merger to Retail & Travel Partners GmbH

The two export areas then merged in 2019
and were merged under the umbrella of Retail & Travel Partners GmbH.

Expansion of the storage

With the constant growth in trade, more space was needed and in 2017 the storage area was therefore expanded.

Foundation of Retail & Travel Partners GmbH

With the formation of Retail & Travel Partners GmbH in 2009, the business finally became a globe trading partner.

Foundation of EuroImpEx

The Germany-wide success confirmed the two and so in 2005 the Europe-wide expansion with EuroImpEx followed for the first time.

Foundation of Nielsen Discount

It all started with a small shop for groceries and spirits in the heart of Flensburg, which the two brothers Torsten and Sascha Nielsen opened in 2000.